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                                                  Syeda's Kufi


Crochet hook nr: 3mm.

Cotton yarn 8/4, white and yellow or what you like.

You can use any type of yarn and crochet hook, for adjust cap’s sizes.


ch = Chain,

dc = Double crochet,

sc = Single crochet,

sl st =Slip stitch


With yellow color, Chain 7, sl st in 1st chain to make a ring. Ch. 3 , do not turn. 

Row 1: 18 dc in the ring, join in 3rd ch, ch 3,

Row 2: 2 dc in 1st dc, 1 dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, to the end, sl st in ch 3, ch 3 (27dc) *Change color, next 2 rows in white color and change to yellow after 2 rows.

Row 3: like row 2, ( 41dc).

Row 4: 2 dc in 1st dc, 1dc in next 3 dc, 2 dc in next dc, continue to end (51 dc).

Rows 5 to row 7: like row 4.

Row 8: 2 dc in 1st dc, 1 dc in next 5dc, 2 dc in next dc, continue to end (117dc).

Row 9: dc in every dc to end and join in 3 ch. Ch 1. (row 9 to 12 in yellow color)

Rows 10, 11 and 12: sc in every dc. Join in ch 1.

*Change to white and crochet 1 row in white and 1 row in yellow to row 20.

Row 13: ch 3 ,2 dc in 2nd sc , skip next sc, 2dc in 2nd dc, continue to end (2dc in 1 sc ,skip 1sc and 2dc in next sc) (58 2dc set)

Rows 14 to 20: do like row 13.

*Change to white.

Rows 21, 22 and 23: Sc in every dc to end. Ch 1. Change to yellow.

Row 24: Sc in every sc to end, skip last sc and sl st in the 1st st of previous row and bind off. Cut yarn and weave in.


Anonymous said…
Lovely "kufi" and the colors are great.
skhan said…
And cotton yarn is another thing which you cannot find here in Lahore, not sure about the other cities. This prayer cap is lovely.
Zaaynab Le'Von said…
As Salaamu Alaykum Syeda. I am a crocheter and I have been looking for patterns for kufis to make for my husband. May I use these lovely patterns you have? I was led to your page by the 30 day kufi challenge posted by another sister on her blog. I may even make some to distribute at the local masjeed before Eid ... that is of course, if I have your permission to use some of your patterns (I may tweek them a bit).

JazakhAllahu Khair Ukhtee,
Zaaynab Le'Von
mib said…
MASHAALLAH, this is very nice. you can visit/join at .
Anonymous said…
You can do this in 2 other different colors!
Fatoumata said…
Asalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabaraktuhu, I hope that all is well with you and your family. And that you are having a blessed and beneficial Ramadan. Ameen
I want to make my son a Kufi for Eid. How can i modify this pattern for a little baby boy. He is 1 year old but his head is kinda of bigger than a normal 1 year old lol.
Syeda's hobbies said…
Dear Fatoumata, Wsalaam.
Thank you for liking my kufi. you can use smaller size of hook and 12/8 ( nr 12 or 10 yarn or thread) for adjust size.
Elijah Abdul Rahman said…
Out of all kufi designs I found this was the most easiest.
Shokran and Salam.
Syeda's hobbies said…
Dear Elijah Abdul Rahman, Wsalaam.

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