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Friday, December 26, 2008


I knit this sweater in 2003 for my hubby. I don’t remember what was the measurement, but try to write down the pattern for arm and neck shapping.

I knit with black and gray colors.
I used nr 3.mm and 3.50mm knitting needles and nr 3mm circular knitting needles 40cm length.
You can use any type of yarn and nr of needles, you can also adjust sts for fit your size.
Cast on co
Bind off bo
Increase inc
Decrease dec
Knit k
Purl p
Stitches sts.
Main color mc
Contrast color cc
Continue . cont.
Co 110 sts mc and k one row with the mc.
Row, 1 . k1, p1 to end and change to cc.
Row 2. K 1 on k st and p 1 on p st with cc.
Continue these 2 rows until you have 25, rows.
Change to mc and inc 10 sts even: ( 120 sts)
Row 1, k all sts,

Row 2, p all sts
K until 4 inches less ,to desire length to under arms holes.
On Rs inc 1 st and knit to tast st, incr. 1 ( make 1) on last st. P next row.
Inc. 2 times more every 6th row. Finished on p row.
Rs, Bo, 6sts , k to end , turn
Ws, Bo 6 sts, p to end.
B o, 5,k to end, turn and bo 5, p to end
Divide now the all sts in 2 parts .( for v neck shape)
B o 4sts and knit to the last 2 sts and k 2tog, turn and p. Continue like this , b o 3, 2, 1, and on k row bo at the end of row, ( arm bo sts, 6,5,4,3,2,1 : and ever 2nd row bo for neck shape). When you have 20 sts for shulder, bo these sts.
Knit the other side like the 1st side.
Cast on 110 st and knit like the front side. After shapping the arm, knit until the measurement same to the shoulder bind off all sts .(no neck shape on back side).
Sew shoulders.
Pick up sts on arm side with cc and k 1, p 1until 10 rows and change to mc , k 1, p 1, 1 or 2 rows and bo. Knit the other arm same as 1st arm.
Neck shapping.
Pick up the sts with cc from the first part of front side. (for example 50, because I don’t remember how many sts I picked up) and pick 1 st in the middle of both parts , pick up the same nr of sts on first part and pick up the sts on the back side.
K 1, p 1 , to the 1 st before 1extra st, k or p the 3 st tog( k 1,st, from part1, 1, middle st and 1 st
from part 3) . k around. K 10 rows like this and k or p 3 middle sts at the same time. Change to mc k 1 or 2 rows and bo.
Sew the sides.

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