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Monday, August 18, 2008


I made dozen of this crochet baby bib for my grandson and for new born babies in my family.This pattren is in danish and I tried to translate this in english. Pattren is by Ulla and published in danish magazine in 2002 or may be 2003.
Remmber do sc only back loop, its creat a beautiful edge and look good.



Sagitta nr. 12 from hjertegarn (Heart yarn) in 2 different colors. ( this is danish yarn you can use
any cotton yarn which is perfect to crochet hook nr.3.

Perl-inox crochet hook nr. 3.

You can also make in one color.

Make 26 chain, on crochet hook nr .3. In chain 2 make 12 sc, 3 sc in next chain, 12 sc and turn make 1 chain = rigthside.

row 2, 27 sc in back loop, turn, chain 1,

row 3 , 13 sc crochet, 3 sc in next st, 13 sc, turn, ch,1, and continue row 2 and row 3 until row 31, cut yarn.

Make 18 chain and work on right side and 2sc in back loop in every 2nd stripe ( LINE) 30 sc to the next corner = 2 sc in corner and 2sc in middle tip, sc til next corner, 2sc in corner and 30 sc on other side , make 19 chain and turn,

sc in every ch and the side and increase in the corners and middle tip and( increase sc in corner i every 2nd row). until you have done 4 sc row. now start hule ( hole) row , ch 4 and double crochet in 1 sc, i ch , 1 dc in 2nd sc and continue around , while crochet dc in 2nd sc. in corners and tip (, dc , ch, dc in corner and tip) crochet all around the bib ( nack side ) with hole pattren. now make picot age, 3ch, 1sc in 1st ch and sc in next hole and continue with this until finish, cut yarn.

ch, 120 and sc in every ch. and put in neck side holes.

this my first pattren in english transtlation.

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CTJen said...

what a cute crochet bib! :-)