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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pretty as a peacock shwal 1

My first blog post.

This is my first blog post and may be there are som mistake.

I saw this shwal on ravelry. This pattern is by Jae Koscierzynski and errata is available for this pattern: someknitreq.com. and this pattern is available for download. I cann't wait to knit this shwal. I start to knit this two weeks ago. I did not contiue to knit last week, because i was in Turkey for holidays and now i am busy with my project and here is a photo of my shwal.


Anonymous said...

masha Allah it looks like it works. this is jennifer. I went straight to your blog from your profile off of ravleyr. Is that what you were asking? If not just let me know. sorry to take so long to get back.

heidi said...

välkommen till bloggvärlden. det skall bli roligt att se vad du gör:)

sjalen ser jättefin ut:)

Yasmin said...

Lovely shawl, Syeda. I received your invite on ravelry but cannot keep in touch on ravelry as it's a blocked site in Dubai. I'm out of the country at the moment and just popped into ravelry to check out stuff . Thanks for contacting me . Hope to keep in touch. Keep blogging.

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