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Monday, September 15, 2008

Syeda's Leaf toe up socks

I knit a sweater long, long tine ago and i used that pattern for a toe up sock on 5 dpn's nr : 2.50 mm and start from toe, increase at the 1st and last stich on every row.
Knit on 16 stiches on background of purl look.


Row 1, (right side) 1 p, 3 k, 2 ktog, 1 k, yo, 2ktog, yo, 1k, ssk, 3 k, i p.

Row 2 and all the wrong side rows , 1k, 6 p, 2 k, 6p, 1 k.

Row 3, 1p, 2 k, 2ktog, 1 p, y f, 1k, 2p, 1k, yo, 1k, ssk, 2 k, 1p.

Row 5, 1p, 1k, 2ktog, 1k, yo, 2k, 2p, 2k, yo, 1k, 1p.

Row7, 1p, 2ktog, 1k, yo, 3k, 2p, 3k, yo, 1k, ssk, 1p,

Row8, 1k, 6p, 2k, 6p, 1k.
Repeat these 8 rows.

I use magic loop cast on using this technique , and cast on 7st on each needle .
row 1, increase 1 st on 1st st and k3, take another needle ,k 2 inc. on next st. inc. 1st st on next st with anew needle k3 , k2 with 4th needle inc. on last st st. Now you have 18 st on 4 needles, increase on every row until you have 32 or 34 st on both sides. Now knit pattern until you have 11/2 inches to heel and now make heel with yo short row heel, i use this
technique . When you finish heel start with pattern round 2 or 3 times and the start k1 ,p1 for 6 row and bind off.
For this pattern i use a "sweing bind off ", which is used for this anklet socks and this bind off gives really a strechy edge for socks.

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