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Thursday, September 11, 2008



This is my first pattren and i knit this on 2.50 mm, needles. I knit without the gauge, it can be change on your own size and use needle one nr small or large.

crochet hook nr, 3.00 mm ,
I used figure 8 cast on 7 st on each needle ( 2 needles, 14 st on 2 needles), knit and increase 1 stich in the begning and end of every row and divide on 4 dpn, when there are 16 or 17 stiches on every needle, knit every round aobut 46 rows and on row 47 decrease one st, on needle one and knit to end , needle 2 knit to last 2 st, decrease one, needle 3 1st st dc and knit to end , needle 4 knit to last 2 st and decrease,( 4 st decrease) knit 4 rounds, ( 52 rounds)
On the next round bind off 3 st in the middle and now knit and purl, back and fourth. Knit until 1/2 inches less to your heel, turn heel ( knit 2 st on the begning and end of evry row, it give a gather st row boder), now you have 16 or 17 sts on needle 1, 33,or 35 sts on needle 2, and 16 or 17 sts on needle 3, knit all sts on needle 1 , needle 2, knit to remain 1 st on needle 2, now knit this last st with 1st st on needle 3, (ssk) ( it's decrease one st on needle 3)and turn purl to end remain 1 st on needle , sl as knit from needle 3, and 1 and purl through back loop. continue to knit and purl from needle 1 and 3 until you have 3 sts on needle 1 and 3, now knit ever row until all 3 sts on needle 1 and 3 are knit , bind off.
make a peacock adge with crochet hook nr 3 , make 6 flower and sew on the slippers.
Peacock adge, make 4 ch and dc in 1st ch 2 times and sc in the slipper's boder ch 3 and dc in 1st ch and continue until finish. cut yarn and weave in.

Flower, chain 5 , sl st in 1st ch to make a ring , ch 3 and 2 dc in 1st chain, sc in ring , repeat 3 or 4 times.

I bought this yarn from Pakistan and i used this to knit these slippers.


I was in Alanyia, Turkey last month and bought these slipper from jumah bazar ( friday market) in Alanyia.

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